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Episode 54

Hey guys, quick update and Q&A episode this evening. Just catching up with everybody and updates on the summer.

Firing up at 6pm Central, may open a Nostr Nest for awhile this evening a bit later on after the show at

Value for value:

Find me:
Seasoning of the Month is Live – Don’t forget to use your TSP MSB discount!

Find me on Nostr: npub1g3827ewz6d23rlgdhkaslc78gyule52ymcqdyt2hsxdwtlw8dt5q7dfpvg

Liberty Meat Chat

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Episode 50 – Huge Live Giveaway

Today and tomorrow use coupon code” FIFTY ” at checkout to get $5 off any purchase over $10!

The great half century giveaway is upon us. Thank you all so much for giving me a reason to do 50 episodes! To thank you all I’ll be giving away some great prizes of my own, a well as some generously donated prizes from other creators. Brian of The LOTS Project, Tim Cook from the Workshop Radio Podcast, Erin and Nate from the Two Chicks Homestead Podcast, and Robin from the Holstein House are all throwing stuff in great prizes, details below! Tune in at 6pm for the celebration to win.

So what’s in the giveaway?

The first big giveaway will be a drawing from all new email list signups this week. There’s still time to enter, until about 5pm Central. I’ll be giving away 1 Meat Freedom T-shirt, color and size of the winner’s choice. It will be printed just for you!

After that drawing, all additional giveaways will be drawn from the live audience! You’ll want to tune in on Youtube, Twitch, or Facebook to participate. The Streamyard giveaway tool will only pull entries from comments that participate through those platforms live. I’ll give you all a hashtag to type in chat, and all who enter it will be in the running.

Prizes will include, but are not limited to (hint hint):
Meat Freedom Pennant

1 month of the Seasoning of The Month Club (Alternately 2 4oz Seasoning Packages of your choice, shipped in the lower 48), $15 Value

A 6 month Subscription to Seasoning of the Month, $90 value

From other creators and friends

Toolman Tim Cook of Workshop Radio is throwing in a 1 year subscription to his Tactical Patch of The Month Club!

Brian and Kori of The LOTS Project are throwing in 1lb of Premium Air Roasted GSD Blend Coffee and a bunch of awesome stickers

Nate and Erin of Two Chicks Homestead and School are throwing a handmade real rabbit’s foot keychain that the made from their own home raised and harvested rabbits. They are also generously offering a 15% discount to all their Etsy store products to everyone through code RENEGADE.

Robin Holstein of Holstein House and The Holstein House Podcast is offering both a printed mug, and a styling Tshirt!

I can’t wait to see you all tonight!

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Renegade Butcher Memorial Day Weekend Sale!


To celebrate both the holiday weekend, and the kick-off of the summer grilling season I’ll be offering 5% off through Monday. Use coupon code “memorialstr” at checkout. ⚡Lightning preferred, but on-chain BTC, Cashapp pay and dirty USDshitcoin accepted as well via Credit, Debit or Google/Apple Pay. Have some shitcoins to get rid of? You can find a FixedFloat option at checkout or under the cart menu to convert them to Lightning or on-chain BTC!

This discount will cover anything on the site, aside from affiliate off-site items. So all your seasonings (including custom blending requests), branded clothing and merchandise (ask about custom merch with QRs), etc. This is a great time to sign up for the Seasoning of The Month Club and, and if you go yearly you lock in your best rate! For lightning subscriptions DM or email me.

If you’re a member of The Survival Podcast’s Member’s Support Brigade, check out your benefits for an even better discount!