I’m beyond pleased to announce some awesome partnerships. These businesses are not only friends of the Renegade Butcher, they offer exceptional value to both their customers and mine.

The Survival Podcast – Member Support Brigade

It’s a great honor to offer the most substantial across-the-board discounts for The Survival Podcast‘s Member Support Brigade. Jack Spirko has spent the better part of 2 decades teaching self sufficiency, lifestyle design and running amazing online communities. Not only is his show an amazing resource and inspiration, his membership program is one of the most valuable programs in the prepping, homesteading and self-sufficiency spaces. If you buy things online, it’s almost impossible for you not to more than pay the subscription price while supporting his invaluable work. Go check it out, and if you are a member, you’ll find a fat coupon code in the member benefits that applies to all Renegade Butcher Seasonings, Memberships, Coffee and Merch (Amazon Affiliate items excluded).

The collaboration does not stop there, Josh is also a member of The Survival Podcast’s Expert Counsel, answering listener questions ranging from home meat processing and cooking to entrepreneurship.

Food Forest FarmsPremium Renegade Butcher Coffee

Brian and Josh met up several years ago at a festival, and immediately sparked off conversations and trade. Both suckers for great food and artisan flavors, the value was evident. Josh won’t actually source his coffee from anywhere else now, having been spoiled by the premium quality and smooth flavor of Brian’s air roasted beans, which he hand selects and sources meticulously to provide only the best for his exclusive partners.

Leaning on Brian’s deep knowledge of coffee varieties, origins and roasting techniques, the Renegade Butcher has selected 3 levels of roast that will please your pallet like a prime steak. Whether you enjoy your cup of Joe (or a nice ribeye) Rare and full of natural flavor, Medium with a balance of delicious flavors or Well Done and rich in caramelized notes, these blends are the best you an buy.

You too can be a part of this community and journey, join us in a delightful morning (or afternoon) brew that few have experienced. You won’t be disappointed!