Seasoning of the Month Club Yearly Deep Discount

$150.00 for 1 year

Get 1 seasoning of your choice, plus a limited edition seasoning every month for a year, and save $30!


Get 1 4oz package of your choice of Renegade Butcher seasoning every month right to your door, PLUS 1 limited edition special surprise pack that isn’t available in the shop.  This deal saves you a bundle!

A first-of-it’s-kind loyalty program that gives you a deep discount of premium blends every month! This is also the only way to ensure you can receive Josh’s small batch limited-edition surprise blends. Subscribers receive a 4 oz pack of hand crafted specialty blends every month, that are never offered in the shop.

Every month you’ll receive a 1-time coupon code via club email so you can select your blends from the standard offerings.  Checkout as normal, and the limited edition blend will be added on.  Want to add on for the month?  Just toss it in the cart and pay the difference!  Want to gift a month to friends or family?  No problem, just adjust the shipping address.  Limited edition and selected blends will ship in the same package.

Due to web plugin restraints, currently club subscriptions can only checkout through the cart with credit/debit or Apple/Google Pay.  If you would like to make other arrangements (Cashapp, Bitcoin, etc) just email Josh and he will get you fixed right up!


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